Ambu aScope 4 Broncho 
Patient safety you can rely on

Sterile from the pack

aScope 4 Broncho is sterile with no risk of cross-contamination and Ambu’s single-use visualization products are used in more than 3,000 hospitals worldwide

Improved patient safety

aScope 4 Broncho offers improved patient safety  and workflow as it is always available when needed  and several major facilities have gone fully disposable on selected procedures

Single-use is cost-effective

Single-use products will not be held up in reprocessing, be out for repair or in use elsewhere. With the elimination of reprocessing, hospitals will save costs and release valuable resources for other procedures.


Single-use bronchosopes 

Read more about Ambu's single-use, high quality bronchoscope; the Ambu® aScope™ 4 Broncho, which comes in three sizes.

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