Ambu® aScope™ 5 Broncho

aScope 5 Broncho combines the high level of manoeuvrability and imaging needed in the bronchoscopy suite with the sterility and efficiency of the single-use concept. The result? Consistently high performance, sterility, and the flexibility required for a complex and demanding workflow.

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Single-use like you’ve never seen it before

Introducing aScope 5 Broncho

10 reasons you'll want aScope 5 Broncho in your bronchoscopy suite

It will enable you to:


The combination of the bending angles, distal tip angulation range and the flexibility of the insertion tube is designed to help you access difficult-to-reach areas in the bronchial tree, not least when working with an endotherapy instrument.

aScope 5 Broncho is designed for use with the diagnostic and therapeutic endotherapy instruments commonly used in the bronchoscopy suite, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brushes, biopsy needles, cryoprobes and high-frequency tools.

The rotation function is designed to make it easy to adjust the position of the distal end of the insertion tube to ease navigation and insertion of endotherapy instruments. 

The combination of a high-resolution camera chip in the bronchoscope and the full-HD Ambu display and processing unit delivers a superior image.

At the touch of a button on the bronchoscope, you can zoom in and out, capture images and videos and review them post-procedure with patients or colleagues. Furthermore, compatibility with PACS servers and electronic medical record software makes documentation smooth and efficient.

With the single-use aScope 5 Broncho solution, you get a new scope for every patient. That means there are no concerns about causing damage to aScope 5 Broncho with sharp or active endotherapy instruments and no concerns about failed leak tests.

Freeing up costs and resources paves the way for your hospital to use the freed-up resources for other important tasks. With the aScope 5 Broncho solution, the only item needed to increase capacity is an additional display and processing unit.

aScope 5 Broncho reduces the time and resources spent on cleaning. In fact, it completely eliminates the need for reprocessing. In addition, the cost and effort of maintenance and repairs, service contracts, and resources spent on transportation, administration, training and cleaning supplies are removed.

aScope 5 can save you from the inefficiency and bother of cancellations and rescheduling.

The availability of a sterile single-use bronchoscope could be especially relevant in reducing the risk of infection transmission among immunosuppressed pulmonary patient populations.

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Single-use bronchoscopy and the environment 

Single-use impact equal to or less than reusable 

Single-use eliminates a long list of materials used for reprocessing, such as chemicals, water, containers and personal protective equipment.  In fact, as the graph below shows, the environmental impact of single-use bronchoscopy is equal to or less than that of reusable.

Learn about our actions, acheivements and commitment to reducing our environmental impact.

Comparative study of the environmental impact of reusable and single-use aScope 4 bronchoscopes

Energy consumption (MJ)

Environmental impact (kg CO2)

 Materials     Production     Use (Cleaning on RBs)   

 Disposal (handling)     End-of-life potiential     Incineration

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