Ambu® Disposable Pressure Manometer

  • PVC free
  • Compatible to ventilation equipment
  • Slim design for optimal view of the patient

The Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer for single patient use is intended to be used for monitoring the patient's airway pressure.


Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer is made from a SEBS material. Using this material the product does not contain any PVC or natural rubber Latex. 

The Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer is suitable for use with Ambu resuscitators or other resuscitators, hyperinflation bags, CPAP masks or circuits.

The slim design of the Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer makes it easy to monitor pressure with minimum obstruction of the view of the patient’s face. As a single patient use product the Ambu Disposable Pressure Manometer minimizes the risk of cross infections.


Additional detailed specification can be found in the datasheets.


55 mm


22 mm


6,4 g

Measuring limits

0-60 cmH2Ox


There are no spareparts or accessories for this product.


Supplementary Information

file_download Reach document for Medical Devices
(223.11 KB - pdf)
file_download Symbols on
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TGA Certificates

file_download ARTG 295414 Airway pressure monitor, non-powered 
(222.37 KB - pdf)


file_download Ambu® Disposable Pressure Manometer Datasheet
(859.19 KB - pdf)

January 2013

Note: US: Rx only