Ambu® Neuroline Cup

The Ambu Neuroline cup is a fully single-use EEG Cup Electrode to minimize the risk of bacterial cross contamination and to enhance departmental effiency. The Ambu Neuroline Cup electrode is for clinical EEG, EP and PSG examinations.

The Ambu Neuroline Single Patient Cup electrode ensures stable signal quality and low impedance generated by the electrode.


  • checkAdvanced silver/silver chloride sensor ensures stable signal quality
  • checkPre-attached lead wires
  • checkColor coded lead wires for easy identification
  • checkMinimised risk of cross-contamination

General information

The Ambu Neuroline cup feature a silver/silver chloride
sensor which ensures a stable signal quality. The low
impedance minimises the noise generated by the electrode.

Ambu® Neuroline Cup

One Pack, One Patient

With a total of 15 options to choose from, you always get the number of electrodes needed for a procedure with less potential for wasted electrodes. Based on the array of electrodes used in standard procedures, including PSG and other EEG and EP applications , Ambu® electrodes are now available in 10, 15, 23, 25 and 27 pieces per pack. 

The new pack sizes give you a smoother preparation workflow and the single-use range reduces the risk of cross contamination. 

We’ve also added two new lead wire colours to our palette, giving you 12 hues to choose from to minimise repeats and simplify connections. Add a choice of 100, 150 and 200cm variants and you have a comprehensive choice to suit most applications – using just one pack per patient. 

  • Single-use solution optimises preparation time prior to procedures 
  • No need to open more pouches per patient 
  • Simply choose the number of electrodes required for specific procedures
  • Easy identification with 12 different lead wire colours
  • Single-use range minimises risk of cross-contamination 

Clinical Studies


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Ambu Neuroline Cup electrode is available with pre-attached lead wire in 100 cm (40"), 150 cm (60") and 200 cm (80") lengths, and with a touch proof 1.5 mm safety connector.

All electrodes are packaged in pouches containing 10 units with different colours on leads.

Spare parts

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Supplementary Information

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TGA Certificates

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