Ambu® Neuroline Probes

The Neuroline Probes are designed to stimulate nerves during surgery.  A variety of probes are available to allow coarse or precise stimulation.

Main features and benefits

  • checkEasy to grip handles
  • check100% disposable
  • checkIndividual sterile packaging

The concentric probe is accurate to approximately 0.5 mm. The probe is designed with an outer anode pole and centre cathode pole separated by insulation. Total diameter of the probe shaft is 1 mm. This probe allows for a single bend of up to a 30 degree angle.

102 mm (4”) handle length, 102 mm (4”) shaft length, 1 mm diameter, circumferential anode tip, flush cathode top.

The standard bipolar probe has a fully insulated probe shaft with two 1 mm exposed flush tips. The anode and cathode tips can spread up to 3 mm apart and will penetrate tissue and bone.

102 mm (4”) handle length, 102 mm (4”) probe length, 3 mm tip separation, 1 mm exposed tip.

The standard monopolar probe has a single stimulating electrode and needs a separate needle to act as a return. Used for coarse stimulating of a tumour mass.

102 mm (4”) handle length, 102 mm (4”) probe length, 0.8 mm diameter, 2 mm exposed flush tip.

The pedicle screw probe is a monopolar probe designed to aid in the placement of pedicle screws. It has a 3 mm uninsulated ball on an insulated shaft.

102 mm (4”) handle length, 102 mm (4”) probe length, 3 mm ball tip uninsulated.

Suitable applications

Intraoperative Monitoring (IOM)

Spare parts

There are no spare parts or accessories for this product.



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Supplementary Information

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October 2011

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